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Carbon Cycle becomes the first biochar producer in Germany to sell CO2 removal certificates.

Carbon Cycle becomes the first German biochar producer to be issued with CO2 removal certificates (CORCs). 


We congratulate Carbon Cycle, who has become the first German biochar producer to be issued with CO2 removal certificates (CORCs). CORCs are carbon credits issued by, a global B2B marketplace and standard for carbon removal, following their strict, science-based methodology for biochar's carbon storage ability. The Carbon Cycle facility and lifecycle assessment documentation was 3rd party audited and verified to issue the certificates which represent 1 ton of CO2 that has been removed from the atmosphere and stored in the biochar. CORCs can be purchased by companies seeking to neutralize their greenhouse gas emissions and reach net-zero targets.


Carbon Cycle has produced sustainably certified, premium quality biochar for animal feed, and soil improvement since 2019. They use locally sourced wood chips from PEFC-certified forests, each ton of biochar has a net capture of over 3 tons of CO2 which is stabilized in the ground for centuries. According to Carbon Cycle, their aim "is to expand production to meet growing demand in the European market. The value derived from CORCs is important in helping us to achieve this aim."


“Biochar is one of the industrial carbon removal methods that can have a real impact on the climate. We are happy to welcome another supplier into the platform where they can sell their climate service to responsible corporate buyers” says Joona Kunnas, Corporate Sales Specialist at CO2 Removal Marketplace.


Biochar is a "Kinder Egg" product, which in addition to sequestering carbon for hundreds of years, has numerous environmental benefits. It acts as a soil nutrient retainer, reduces the need for fossil fuel-based fertilizers, and improves animal welfare. Germany's biochar industry is well established, with numerous producers and a wide range of customers, from chicken farmers to landscape gardeners.


Accend has provided advisory services to Carbon Cycle in relation to the CORC documentation, issuance, and sales.


Biochar life-cycle analysis

A product carbon footprint uses the life cycle impact assessment model to calculate the environmental impact of a product from cradle to grave. Accend has developed a process for calculating the net carbon content of biochar that can be used as the basis for the issuance of carbon certificates. The process has been developed with biochar producers in Germany, verified by Bio.Inspecta and approved by Puro.Earth.

Carbon Removal Certificates from Nordic Timber

Accend is working with key players in the Nordic timber market to accelerate the adoption of timber buildings by accessing new revenue streams from carbon sequestration.

The development of Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) and other engineered timber solutions has sparked a revolution in the construction industry. In addition to advantages such as reduced construction time and better ventilation and moisture control, mass timber building elements are climate-positive, meaning they function as carbon sinks, storing large amounts of carbon for 100 years or more.

The launch of the Puro in 2019 provides a methodology and market place for carbon removal certificates that provide an income to suppliers, and help emitting companies to become net-zero. Certificates are available to companies that produce made-to-measure wooden building elements such as roof trusses, glulam beams, and joists.


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