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Reducing and avoiding emissions is imperative, but no longer enough. We need to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere

Most products generate greenhouse gas emissions, but some actually remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Producers of such products can receive a new certificate type; Cabron Removal Certificates. Certificates can be used by companies looking to compensate for their own or their suppliers' emissions to reach net zero. Recently leading corporations companies such as Microsoft, Stripe, Shopify, and SEB have committed to switching to carbon removals to meet their long-term sustainability targets. This is more than paying for emissions. Greenhouse gases are removed from the atmosphere in a verifiable way, and the certificate revenue is re-invested in more removals, creating a virtual circle that incentives carbon removal. 

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Accend assists companies in exploring and maximizing their opportunities with CO2 removal certificates.

  • Pre-qualification

  • Registration

  • Life cycle analysis

  • Account management

  • Certificate sales

  • Settlement

Our customers benefit from faster results, as we deal with all the administration so that they can focus on core business.


CO2 removal certificates from the are available for projects that remove CO2 via:

  • Biochar

  • Enhanced rock weathering

  • Woody biomass burial

  • Carbonated construction elements

  • Bio-based construction products

Contact us to find out if your company's products qualify.

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Certificates can be purchased directly online or through a purchase agreement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Carbon Removal certificates?

A carbon removal certificate is an independently verified document that confirms that 1 metric ton of CO2 has been removed from the atmosphere and stored for the long term using a certified removal method. The certificate is issued to the supplier and purchased by a buyer who wants to reduce their emissions in a trusted, credible way.

What are the benefits for our company?

For suppliers of carbon-positive products such as biochar and bio-based construction products, carbon removal certificates offer an additional revenue stream to be invested in growth. For buyers, carbon removal certificates are a credible way to ensure that their unavoidable emissions are neutralized. Certificates can also be retired on behalf of an end-user of a product, for example, a building owner.



What is a CO2 removal method?

It is a way to get CO2 away out of the atmosphere and stored for the long term in a stable form. The long term is defined as minimum 100 years, but some methods sequester carbon for hundreds or thousands of years.

How are carbon removal certificates different to other schemes?

Carbon removal certificates are different to both voluntary offset schemes and mandatory schemes such as the EU ETS.

Many carbon emitting sectors are included in the EU emissions trading scheme (ETS), but there are several sectors that absorb CO2 who are excluded from the ETS. Some of these sectors are eligible for carbon removal certificates. Most other offset schemes are trading emission avoidance and the absolute climate effect is difficult to measure. Carbon removal certificates have verified carbon removal from the atmosphere. 


Who buys the certificates?

Many corporates have set themselves targets for net zero carbon emissions. Whilst they are all reducing their own emissions, they usually have some emissions that are not feasibly avoided. So they choose to compensate for these emissions by buying carbon reductions. Swiss RE, TietoEvry and SEB are examples.

What is the value of the certificates?

The price of the certificates fluctuates based on supply and demand and differs based on the technology used. Prices can be found here. 1 certificate is issued for 1 metric ton of stored CO2.

How many certificates can we get?

1 certificate per metric ton of CO2 removed. Only the net storage of CO2 is eligible, this must be documented with a lifecycle assessment LCA.

We are planning to increase production in the future, how is this accounted for?

Certificates are issued continuously based on the output of qualified products during the previous period. When a facility is registered for the first time, the previous 18 months' production can be registered if they can be appropriately documented. Credits are a great way to help finance a new production facility.

What does it cost to register and get carbon removal certificates for our products?

There is no initial cost to register a facility for certificates. Accend can assist with pre-qualification, registration, account management, auctioning and settlement. Our business model is based on a 100% transparent management fee.

Which countries can get access to certificates?

This is a global marketplace. Accend serves companies in the US, Canada, and across Europe. 

How are the certificates sold?

Credits are sold via bilateral agreements. Spot and forward contracts are available.

How do I buy Carbon removal certificates for my company?

Contact us to discuss availability and contract types.

Carbon removal solutions: Team

Accend is a registered partner of Puro market place and consultant for the carbon removal market.


Paul Ferguson

Paul has 20 years experience in the energy and carbon certificate industries, he founded Accend in 2020. The big picture is to create a service that helps sustainable companies grow more quickly. Carbon Removal certificates offer a great platform to do this as they incentivise investment in carbon storage.

We offer a comprehensive solution that makes it easy to become registered for CORCs and to get the most out of your company's carbon storage potential.

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100% transparent terms based on our open-book philosophy.

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Low risk. There are little or no upfront costs to register for the service.


Depending on price developments, carbon storage can offer a substantial revenue stream.

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